The Ultimate Greek Food Tour in Athens Greece!! Athens Central Market

Time for the Ultimate Greek Food Tour of Athens Greece! My time in Athens Greece over the last several videos culminates in this video. All the Greek Food I’ve eaten up till now comes to its head. In this video I will partnering up with Food Around Athens, food tour company. Ran by Rachel and her husband Michalis and their co-host Arela, this tour group is the #1 experience on Airbnb in Greece! During the tour we explore many of the local hidden food gems. Going through the streets of Athens to drink and eat many traditional Greek dishes. Dishes including, feta cheeses, olives, honey, coffee, grilled meats, fish and of course Greek yogurt. Oh and don’t forget the Ouzo. Never forget the Ouzo.

Food Around Athens is a Travel & Hospitality Award Winner for 2021

A New Life in the sun

UK TV programme comes to meet Food around Athens

The UK TV programme, A new life in the sun (Channel 4, True North Productions) followed our progress for 3 months during Summer 2022 and televised us over 2 separate programmes which were aired In January/February 2023.

It was very hot and very busy but we all had so much fun working with them. You can see some of programme in these two videos.