Bespoke tours of Athens

Bespoke tours of Athens

Crafting Your Dream Journey:
BESPOKE Tours of athens for Unforgettable Adventures

If you have not found exactly what you are looking for or have something specific in mind but need assistance in organising it, we can design bespoke tours of Athens just for you. Whether you have a large group or desire a private tour of Athens, we can accommodate your needs and ensure a personalised experience.

Below are a few examples of bespoke tours of Athens, but we are very happy to discuss and create something completely new to suit your preferences:

Visiting local area farmers’ markets – Explore vibrant farmers’ markets, shop for the freshest produce, and enjoy a full lunch far away from the places tourists visit. This tour immerses you in the local culture and culinary traditions of Athens, offering a truly authentic experience.

A trip along the Athenian Riviera – Take a journey along the beautiful Saronic Coastline, stopping at a natural thermal lake, and have lunch on the beach after visiting the Temple of Poseidon with its incredible history and breathtaking views. This tour combines scenic beauty, historical exploration, and culinary delights for a memorable day out.

A visit to a unique Monastery – Visit a monastery believed to be the source of miracles, set in an olive grove close to the sea. After spending time at the monastery, we will take you to the beach to enjoy lunch and one of the best ice creams in the area. This tour offers a blend of spiritual, natural, and culinary experiences.

In addition to these examples, we can create customised tours based on your interests, whether you want to focus on specific types of cuisine, explore different neighbourhoods, or incorporate unique activities. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience that meets all your expectations.

Contact us to discuss your ideas, and let us help you design the perfect bespoke tour of Athens, tailored to your preferences and desires.

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