Mastering the Art of Pairing Greek Food with the Perfect Wine

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Greek cuisine is a treasure trove of flavours, textures, and traditions passed down through generations. Greece boasts a rich culinary heritage that is as diverse as it is delicious.

However, one thing that truly elevates the Greek dining experience is the art of pairing these delectable dishes with the perfect wine.

Overview of Greek Wine Regions and Grape Varieties

Greece has several distinct wine regions, each with unique terroir and grape varieties. Grapes grow in Santorini’s volcanic soils and Macedonia’s mountainous vineyards. Greek wines reflect the country’s rich cultural and geographical diversity. Indigenous grape varieties such as Assyrtiko, Xinomavro, and Agiorgitiko are celebrated for their distinct flavours and aromas, offering a unique tasting experience. Attica (the region where Athens sits) is the largest wine region in Greece with a variety of grapes. The most popular wines in Attica include Savatiano and the traditional Retsina.

Principles of Food and Wine Pairing

Pairing Greek food with wine is about finding the perfect balance of flavours, textures, and acidity to enhance the dining experience. Whether you’re aiming for complementary or contrasting pairings, it’s essential to consider the cooking method and intensity of flavours in Greek dishes. Some general guidelines can help you create harmonious pairings that elevate the food and wine.

Pairing Greek Appetizers with Wine

Start your Greek culinary journey with a selection of mezes or appetisers paired with the perfect wine. With its creamy texture and tangy flavour, Tzatziki pairs beautifully with Assyrtiko’s crisp acidity. For dolmades stuffed with rice and herbs, opt for a refreshing Moschofilero to complement the dish’s herbal notes. And when indulging in spanakopita, a savoury pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese, reach for a glass of Malagousia for its aromatic profile and balanced acidity.

Matching Greek Main Courses with Wine

For seafood lovers, Greek cuisine offers delicious options that pair wonderfully with local wines. Grilled octopus, with its tender texture and smoky flavour, pairs beautifully with Xinomavro’s bold tannins and red fruit flavours. Meanwhile, grilled fish, such as sea bass or snapper, shines alongside Assyrtiko’s minerality and citrus notes. If meat or poultry is more you, pair lamb souvlaki, skewered and grilled to perfection, with the rich and velvety Agiorgitiko. And when indulging in moussaka, a hearty dish of layered eggplant, minced meat, and creamy béchamel sauce, opt for Xinomavro or Mavrodaphne for their robust flavours and spicy undertones.

Desserts and Wine Pairings

Satisfy your cravings with a sweet treat after your meal. Indulge in baklava, a decadent pastry made with layers of phyllo pastry, nuts, and honey, paired with the lusciously sweet Vinsanto for a match made in heaven. For a lighter option, enjoy loukoumades, fluffy Greek doughnuts with honey and cinnamon, alongside a glass of Muscat of Samos for its floral aromas and refreshing acidity.

Tips for Experimenting and Discovering New Pairings

As you embark on your journey of Greek food and wine pairing, don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside the box. Consider your guests’ preferences and keep a record of successful pairings for future reference. With an open mind and a willingness to explore, you’ll discover the joy of finding the perfect match between Greek food and wine.


In conclusion, mastering the art of pairing Greek food with the perfect wine is a delightful adventure celebrating Greek cuisine’s rich flavours and traditions. Understanding the principles of food and wine pairing and exploring the diverse world of Greek wines can elevate your dining experience. So explore, indulge, and savour the magic of Greek food and wine pairing. Opa!

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